Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Want Wedding Gifts, Then You Better Register!

Hey Guys,

After being reminded over and over by my bridesmaids (thanks girls!) we finally finished our wedding registry. I know that this probably should have been super exciting, but for some reason it was a rather tedious task for us. Reason being we already have a lot of household items needed in every room. However, after some exploring we found some needed items and registered at the fav Target!

We also registered at another site called A Great Affair.Com Gift Registry. I definitely recommend that any engaged couple register here because it is essentially a cash registry. With this registry guests can give away how ever much they choose to different categories. For instance, we have a category called "New Wheels." Both Jon and I will probably need to get new cars soon (hopefully not!), so if guests want to contribute to that fund then they can with an amount of their choosing. We like this because it doesn't put pressure on our guests to spend a certain amount and it is definitely something that will be used and not packed up on a closet shelf.

Some last points:
  • Remember that you can get what you want, but also remember to be considerate to your guests and give them choices.

  • Guests, you know who you are, don't show up to a wedding without a present.

  • If you don't feel comfortable purchasing anything on a registry, give money, that's the safest bet.

  • When doing your registry research into the various ones out there because there's a lot and you can find one that suits you as a couple.
Next time we will discuss the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner!


  1. i've heard about online registries before! thanks for the info :) i think we may be doing a honeymoon registry since we've been co-habitating for a while already. we have almost everything we need at our condo already!