Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's Get Our Grub On!

Hey Guys,

Jon and I recently went for our reception food tasting and loved it! We were a bit apprehensive because we did not hear the best about the chef at our reception location, but our tasting session definitely turned around any doubt! Luckily for us they hired a new chef whose style favors seasonings and flava.

Our foods are centered around a Mediterranean menu, which is one of our favorite cuisines! I'm not going to reveal much more in terms of the menu because we want our guests to be pleasantly surprised, but just know it's Greek inspired.

Speaking of eating, I can't forget about the cakes! We will be having 2 different flavors in the wedding cake because we just couldn't pick one (they were all so good!). Jon picked the flavor for his groom's cake, so that consists of some chocolate. They were quite yummy at our tasting, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will be a hit at our wedding. Check out a couple of cakes that I thought were beautiful. Again, I'm not going to show my actual cake because of the element of surprise.

Next time I will give the guys some time to shine! What will they be wearing???

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