Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who Knew Invitations Could Be So Expensive!

Hey Guys,

Recently some of my bridesmaids and I went looking for materials to make our wedding invitations and we were definitely enlightened. After an endless amount of searching I noticed that the invitations I want are crazy expensive, like $1000 expensive for just 100! I didn't think that these pieces of paper would amount to so much, but I guess I have expensive taste :(. Luckily, to achieve the desired looks for more than half the price I have great bridesmaids who offered to help me by making them! They are the best! I'm going to show you some options of the various styles, but I'm not going to reveal the one that I picked until it's sent out to our guests. It's all about the element of surprise. The invitations do create a first impression (thanks Alex!) and I wanted them to exude elegance, modernity and style.

I thought about the color of the invitations as well and instead of being too matchy matchy I picked a color that would accent my chocolate and coral. I can't wait to make the invitations with the girls because we're going to make a fun day out of it with great foods, drinks and of course great company!

Just in case you were wondering we went...we visited the Paper Source in Virginia Highlands and found the great ideas and materials! They have a website that you can check out at .

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  1. i know which one you're picking he he! i can't wait to make them, it's gonna be fun!